Workers can use clocks to produce full breakdown of time spent on each job

Just two years ago the company was shedding staff as reeled during the recession, but now Jaguar Land Rover is taking on 1,000 jobs. The new positions are in support of the Midlands based firm's ambition to deliver “40 significant product actions over the next five years”. This may include new models or derivatives of existing cars.

Tensor can add value to your firm with our automated smart card Time and Attendance clocking systems. Using a Tensor Smart Card and input device (keypad or barcode scanner), workers can book time against jobs to produce a fully costed analysis and breakdown of time spent on each job. Reports show jobs that are over budget or those approaching their budget limit. This information can also be exported to a spreadsheet. The new range of T32xx clocks, one of which is in the picture, actively communicate with the computer system when a person clocks. Real time communications provides you with the information as it occurs.

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