Workforce analytics solutions help bolster business performance, new CIPD report suggests

Workforce analytics solutions help bolster business performance and bring value to any organization, data from a new global research report from CIPD/Workday has been able to suggest.

The “People Analytics: driving business performance with people data” report from CIPD/Workday demonstrates a clear parallel between an organisations use of people analytics and strong business performance.

In fact, 65% of those who said that their organisation has a strong people analytics culture stated that their business performance was strong compared to competitors.

The report revealed further ways in which people analytics can add value to an organisation.

For example, it found that 75% of HR professionals globally who use people data are using it to tackle workforce performance and productivity issues. People data was also seen to be an effective tool in tackling key organisational challenges, such as workforce performance and productivity.

Unfortunately, the research also shows that the use of workforce analytics is far from widespread. From the survey’s respondents, only 54% said that they had access to people data and analytics, while only 52% stated that their organisation uses people data to tackle business problems.

Furthermore, 39% of respondents had no access to people data within their organisation for decision making purposes, and just 42% of finance professionals have access to their workforce’s people data.


The Tensor Time and Attendance system will help you take control of shifts, manning levels and working patterns at your organization with the help of our Smart Card based payroll and Time & Attendance systems.

For example, manning levels in our WinTA.NET application are based upon employee skills required during the working week. WinTA.NET is a proactive system that keeps managers abreast of events. It does this by automatically emailing or SMS text messaging both employees and system users on various issues.

A separate module is available for rostering and manpower scheduling. You are pre-warned when applying a shift pattern that will result in a Working Time Regulations infringement.

Furthermore, the Tensor Time and Attendance systems can be integrated with Personnel Software which offers features that will save time and aid strategic planning, especially in emergency situations (strikes, natural disasters, etc.).

A mobile or wireless technology based time and attendance system for employers from Tensor ensures an organization is kept up to date with who is missing at the workplace.

If you’d like to find out more about Tensor’s advanced workforce management software, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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