Workforce management optimization is a must for troubled NHS Trusts

The NHS system faces extensive criticism over the declining level of care it delivers and budget-related problems, with Trusts across the UK having to cope both with budget cuts and staff shortages.

Workforce management optimization is a must for troubled NHS Trusts image 1

However, at least some of these problems might be prevented by implementing a solid and reliable workforce management system, following a trend that’s very popular with healthcare executives in the United States.

Results from independent hospital and health system research recently conducted by US-based Kelton Research has revealed that, in order to achieve long term fiscal sustainability, hospital and health system executives are targeting organizational priorities deeply influenced by workforce management.

Right now, staff-related costs account for around 60 percent of hospital and health system operating budgets, and most hospital and health system executives are intending on cutting costs and boosting quality in areas deeply impacted by labour management.

Key priorities outlined by participants to this study are closely tied to workforce management strategy and can be divided into 4 sections: Compliance, Consolidation, Measurement and Retention.

The first key factor for workforce optimization is to track and report compliance with both external regulations and internal operations, thus preventing costly penalties and reputation-damaging litigation.

Advanced staffing, employee monitoring and time and attendance solutions also play an important part in the overall business consolidation of hospitals. By sharing employee-related information across multiple units (hospitals) in an organization (NHS Trust), patients will benefit from greater consistency in care and healthcare organizations will realize improved staff engagement and a reduction in labor costs.

Additionally, time and attendance systems provide the data required for organizations to better manage both tactically as well as providing a future view of workforce requirements based on the strategic plans of the organization.

Last, but certainly not least, human resources modules implemented across T&A systems enabled HR departments to manage the available talent pool and keep employees engaged and satisfied by providing them with incentives that go beyond salary, such as continuing education and tuition assistance.

Tensor offers a comprehensive range of workforce monitoring and management options, that can be used by NHS trusts in order to staff at optimal levels, match roles with patient requirements, improve employee satisfaction and also elevate the overall level of care delivered.

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