The EEC have told the UK Government that the EU Road Transport Directive must be enshrined into UK law by March 2005. This means that mobile road transport workers must abide by the 48-hour working week regulations as stipulated in the EU Working Time Directive.
The UK opt-out (which the EU is likely to terminate this year) will not apply.

The Confederation of British Industry is seeking to mitigate the effects of the Directive by asking the Government to take up two derogations in the directive that

  • Allow the ‘average 48-hour week to be over a 4-month period
  • Allow night workers to work longer than 10 hours.

Tensor have developed a special module that handles this for you. So no worries there!

UK haulage companies have no choice other than to implement the Road Transport Directive with it’s somewhat complicated set of rules on hours worked, overtime and night workers. Companies who don’t record employee start and finish times by automatic means, must do so. However, help is at hand from Tensor as their WinTA Time & Attendance system automatically does all the calculations for you.

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