Workplace dermal fingerprint scanners provide irrefutable proof of identity

Goods worth at least £10,000 were stolen from a farm machinery retailer on Monday (November 7, 2011) night. Two trailers were taken and used to remove various items and tractor parts. Ian Robertson, service manager at the south coast Massey Ferguson agricultural dealership, said staff were angry at the disruption. Mr Robertson appealed for anybody who is offered the goods or who saw the two trailers being towed away last weekend to call the police.

To ensure extra security at your premises, biometric technology – which measures unique human characteristics – can be added to a Tensor access control system to provide irrefutable proof of identity. Tensor has a range of dermal fingerprint scanners that read below the surface layer of skin down to the dermal layer where your true fingerprint resides. With biometrics implemented on an access control system, the employee is prompted to present their fingerprint to the scanner where it is matched to the one on file, typically within one second.

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