Workplace door control network operates up to 31 clocking stations

No dogs were harmed during a series of festive break-ins, an animal welfare concern has reported. A representative of the Dogs Trust centre in Scotland said staff at the facility were discussing ongoing security measures with police. “Thieves smashed in windows and forced entry but are believed to have been disturbed as nothing was stolen,” commented the spokeswoman on Thursday’s incident. The Lanarkshire-based Trust, which has now re-opened to the public, appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Tensor Access Enterprise is one of Tensor's latest developments in our proven range of products involving simple door and registration point control. Tensor Access Enterprise, intended for larger companies, includes extra software to enable you to easily add and edit profile settings to all registered hardware equipment attached to your company’s network of Tensor equipment. The network can operate up to 31 T32xx clocking stations, each of which can have up to 12 T8424 scanner controllers attached to it – that’s an incredible 372 scanners in total.

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