Worried Consumers Want Biometrics

A majority of consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom are so worried about the security of their personal information that they overwhelmingly want companies and their governments to turn to biometrics to protect them.

A recent survey has shown that 63% of consumers in the United States believe that the rise in identity fraud and the insufficient protection of personal information will become a “significant security threat” in the near future.

The same number also believe financial institutions and the government are not doing enough to stop the threat.

That sentiment is even stronger in the UK, where 87% of consumers feel the same way. There, biometric technology – in particular fingerprint biometrics – is increasingly being implemented in security solutions, such as access control.

In the United States, 69% of citizens want banks, credit card companies, health care providers, and government agencies to adopt biometric technologies, rather than other security technologies like smart card readers and passwords. In the United Kingdom, the number is even higher, coming in at 92%.

While usually effective as a first line of authentication, the primary drawback of both passwords and tokens (such as smart cards) is that each relies on either something you know or something you have. There is no way of verifying that the person presenting the token or typing the password is the one authorized to access a building or network.

Using passwords and smart cards together provides a higher confidence level, and is being turned to more and more in situations when an organization requires increased security.

The study also shows that nearly 85% of consumers believe US border security is inadequate, and only half think the US government is making security a priority. Fifty-one percent think technology “plays a significant role in ensuring homeland security” and that biometrics is one of the best methods the government could use.

There has been a consistent outcry among consumers for more effective technologies, such as biometrics, that will better equip businesses and government organizations to protect and verify personal information in a way that’s reliable and convenient.

Consumers are concerned that current security processes at our nation’s airports and borders are inadequate, which likely will result in even more widespread adoption of biometrics within these areas.

The increased enthusiasm for biometric technology has spurred Tensor Time Systems Inc to offer access control, and time attendance systems that combine RF smart cards with fingerprint biometrics. If you require further information on these products, please contact us.

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