Tensor Supports Mission to Help the People of Nepal Affected by the 2015 Earthquakes

Mike Ormesher Nepal Mission

Tensor plc is supporting Mike Ormesher in his mission to help the People of the Kunchowk Village in Nepal, one of the most severely affected areas after the disastrous earthquakes in Nepal back in April 2015.

Nigel Smith, Chairman of Tensor plc and director of HeatingSave, Tensor’s building energy monitoring and management division, said:

”As an energy monitoring service company, we are well aware that a face-to-face, personal approach is by far the most effective way to deliver a service. This is why we have given a £1,000 donation to support Mike’s charitable mission. We congratulate him in taking the time and effort to show that top business people are willing to make a difference to the lives of others less fortunate than themselves.”

Mike is raising funds for essential medical equipment, building materials, cooking utensils, food and clothes for the people of Kunchowk. He will also be travelling to the village with a colleague to personally deliver the aid, to ensure it is not stolen or impounded; Mike wants to see the situation for himself and to give some hope to the families (mostly women and children) struggling to rebuild their lives in the village.

In response to Tensor’s donation, Mike said, “To the staff of Tensor and HeatingSave, thank you so much for this fantastic donation to my mission. It is a wonderful feeling to get such support and words of encouragement. I hope you get the same feeling as I do when I send you the photos back from the place where the people you have helped, are trying to return their lives back to some form of normality. I have no words to thank you enough.”.

Tensor will certainly be publishing some of Mike’s photos on our “Tensor in the Community” webpage when he returns from his mission in late March 2017.

If you would like to find out more about Mike’s mission, please visit his Support Page at http://www.ottersbrook.com/Nepal-Trip.htm

You can help Mike reach his goal by donating at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mike-ormesher-nepal

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