Tensor Features in fcbusiness Magazine

tensor features in fcbusiness magazine

fcbusiness is a business magazine for the football industry, serving as a practical guide to those involved in the business of running a club across all playing levels. Published 8 times a year since 2004, fcbusiness is now at the forefront of the football industry.

The magazine features product reviews, case studies, interviews, research and comments on all the areas that touch the industry from finance, stadium development, safety and security to merchandise, ticketing and hospitality. fcbusiness is the go-to magazine for information in this ever-expanding and exciting industry.

In the latest issue (August 2021), an article addresses the problems caused by unauthorised fans/personnel entering Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy in July 2021. Within it, Tensor’s unrivalled facial recognition CCTV services are referenced and suggested as a viable solution to the problems that arose.

Written by Steve Moody, Managing Director of Asset Frontline Security Services Ltd (AFSS), the article’s primary purpose is to promote the use of facial recognition and the benefits it can have for sports grounds and for crowd safety. AFSS, partners of Tensor, wanted to raise awareness of facial recognition access control and the importance it can have in solving the ongoing issues of crowd safety as well as the safety of both players and staff.

Editor of fcbusiness magazine, Aaron Gourley, believes that "the system can function as part of a wider security technology product that is deployed to ensure the safety of people at these mass gatherings."

The article uses extreme examples such as the before-mentioned final, the 2017 Manchester Arena attack and the 2015 Paris attacks, which demonstrate the possible severity of these crowd control issues if a measure, such as facial recognition, is not put in place.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper, Chris Turner, believes that “facial recognition should be everywhere in our society.” The now Director of Football at Wakefield AFC added that “many lives have been saved by this system being available. I cannot believe it's not in every city and town.” When asked what needs to be done to solve the ongoing crowd issue, Chris said “Tensor plc needs to get more access to our football clubs and arenas.”

You can read the fcbusiness article by clicking the button below - it features on pages 28 and 29.

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Sporting event access control specialists

It is vital that sports stadiums and events arenas are fully equipped with the most up-to-date access control systems to maximise safety and security on site. Facial recognition access control systems will not only ensure the safety of fans, players, staff, and anyone else involved, but it will also ensure that a database of information can be configured to track those who enter the stadium or arena.

Tensor’s facial recognition solutions

Tensor is the UK’s number one supplier of facial recognition access control systems. Our facial recognition access control terminal is one of the world’s most compact facial recognition stations, offering very high matching speeds, accuracy, and level of security.

Our contactless facial recognition access control technology provides a fast, highly accurate biometric solution for identifying authorised personnel and granting or denying them access to the stadium or site.

Installing a Tensor facial recognition access control system can have a huge array of benefits for your organisation, including identity protection, enhanced security as well as being Covid-secure thanks to our contactless systems.

Integral access control software

Our facial recognition system can be easily integrated into a new or existing Tensor access control system, as it is fully supported by our WinAC.NET software suite. WinTA.NET is a computer-based software that can provide you with quick and easy access to information that is contained from the facial recognition system, along with other of our access control systems.

If you would like further information on our facial recognition access control systems, or if you are interested in getting a quote, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today.

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