Tensor Supports Piglets Preschool of Great Staughton

The Piglets Preschool of Great Staughton has been established for just over 30 years, and consists of mostly village children, aged two and a half to four and a half. The voluntary preschool is open only during mornings and tries to keep fees low, in order to attract sufficient numbers of children.

Tensor has donated a new computer to the preschool. Head teacher Mrs Gill Broome said, We are a voluntary preschool with little money for peripherals to spare, especially for brand new computers. You can imagine our excitement to be told that Tensor were going to donate one to us. In the past donated computers were very old and didn’t last very long!

She went on to say, The Tensor technician set it up in no time and it’s now a very popular area of learning. With this new computer, all of our software is installed. Thank you for your very generous donation of a new computer, it was a lovely surprise.

The children love using computers and now more than one child can play at a time. It also means that there is a computer teachers can use for administration, whilst the children are playing on theirs.

Thank you again for your kindness, it is very much appreciated.

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