World Challenge Expedition

World Challenge Expeditions specialises in the provision of leadership, teamwork and personal development training for young people. WCE works with schools, colleges, central government, individuals and youth groups to ensure that every young person is encouraged to have access to a wide range of skills development and educational opportunities.

Tensor were please to be a sponsor for a local 16 year old young man, Adam Avery, who is currently on an expedition in Bolivia.

Adam begun raising money to fund his expedition by charity bag packing in a supermarket, preparing World Cup breakfasts and selling drinks on Bonfire Night at his local school and doing numerous manual jobs at home.

We look forward to publishing some photographs of is endeavours on his return. Well done Adam!

If you would like to see some photographs and find out about Adams Trip then please visit his website here.

To find out more details about the World Challenge Expedition Adam is involved in please visit the WCE website at

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