tensor framework
tensor framework
tensor framework

The advantage of buying our enhanced security and BMS systems via a Tensor framework agreement? It allows our customers to save time and money when they need to purchase goods or services compliantly. No longer do businesses and organisations need to go through any lengthy tendering process.

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Both the ESPO Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services Framework and Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM6089 Workplace Services Framework Agreement for Technical Security offer public sector bodies a quick, simple and competitively-priced way of purchasing Tensor products without having to run a full tender, as the framework is compliant with all the relevant UK/EU procurement legislation.

ccs framework

Crown Commerical Service

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Our framework is the perfect solution for

public sector

Public Sector



northern lighthouse board

Case study: Northern Lighthouse Board

NLB used the Crown Commerical Service to raise a tender for a CCTV project for their Edinburgh and Oban offices which we responded to. They required CCTV surveillance for both sites, independent with links to Tensor.NET.

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It is our aim to help businesses and organisations (especially those in the public sector) use new technologies, services and systems smarter, not harder. We are here to optimise operations and connect workspaces. Save both money and time, whilst remaining confident in your purchasing decisions with Tensor.

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