thermal detection time and attendance

Thermal detection time and attendance solutions

The Suprema FaceStation 2 with Temperature Detection combines a high-performance facial recognition time and attendance terminal (the FaceStation 2 Facial Recognition Terminal) with a thermal camera to detect users with elevated skin temperature. It conducts rapid and preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, schools, stations, airports and other public places, working as a first-line filter for organisations that wish to identify those entering premises who may have an elevated body temperature.

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thermal detection time and attendance

Keep your business safe

Elevated body temperature (most commonly a fever) is one of the most frequent symptoms of a viral infection. The thermal camera accessory for the terminal measures body temperature with outstanding accuracy (≤± 0.5°C (0.9°F)) and speed, making a significant contribution to the containment of pandemics.

Using advanced facial recognition algorithms, the FaceStation 2 also minimises false readings, such as a person carrying a hot drink. Additionally, temperature measurements are fast and accurate using the thermographic camera with 19,200 pixels per frame which does not require a reference blackbody to measure temperature.

The camera can be easily connected with a FaceStation 2 via USB and comes with a bracket for convenient deployment on new and retrofit installs. The system delivers a combination of face recognition and skin temperature measurement and features a bypass mode for skin temperature measure only. It also enables organisations to save temperature data as event logs for better traceability.

Temperature detection functionality and benefits

When detecting a person with an elevated body temperature, the system can immediately block their access on-site (suspend their access rights and flag them up as being in self-isolation) and notify the health and safety officers (or responsible persons in the organisations), who can then proceed to take action according to their respective policies. The FaceStation 2 is among the world’s most compact face recognition stations, offering very high matching speeds, accuracy, and level of security.

thermal detection time and attendance

Other advancements include:

  • The thermal camera connects via USB interface making deployment quick and easy on new and retrofit installs
  • A thermal camera measures the skin temperature of a subject’s face using advanced thermography technology
  • Suprema FaceStation 2 displays the temperature on a GUI raising alerts when a higher than threshold temperature is detected
temperature detection time and attendance

The Ins & Outs of Thermal Cameras for Facial Recognition & Temperature Detection

Want to know more? Our article breaks down the fundamentals of a thermal camera for facial recognition and temperature detection. It explains why your business will benefit from this advanced thermal detection access control system, its key features and how it helps deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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thermal detection time and attendance

System configuration

A typical system configuration of the thermal detection camera with a FaceStation 2 is displayed below. A simple relay to the allocated door is the perfect Covid Secure access control solution.

thermal detection time and attendance terminal configuration

The thermal camera consists of the camera, bracket, USB cable and screws. FaceStation 2 must be purchased separately.

Key features, performance and technical specifications

Key Features & Performance

Enhanced Security & Safety

Combination of face recognition and skin temperature measurement

Audio and visual alerts with optional alarm

Bypass mode for skin temperature measure only

Temperature data can be optionally saved as event logs

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Fast and accurate measurement using a thermographic camera with 19,200 pixels per frame

Does not require reference blackbody to measure temperature


Easy Deployment

Easy connection with FaceStation 2 via USB

Comes with a bracket for convenient deployment on new and retrofit installs

Ergonomic Design for Convenience

Supports extended height range of 145cm to 210cm for face recognition

Supports distance of 40cm to 80cm for temperature measurement

Intuitive GUI for notifications

Temperature can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Technical Specifications

Dimensions & Enviromental

Camera Dimensions (W x H x D)

77mm x 46mm x 22.2mm

Camera with Bracket (W x H x D)

139.84mm x 163.8mm x 22.8mm

Operating Temperature

0°C to 50°C/32°F to 122 °F


Max. Resolution

120 × 160

Field of View

37.2° × 50°


Temperature Measurement

Temperature Range

30°C to 45°C/86°F to 113°F

Temperature Accuracy

≤± 0.5°C/0.9°F

Temperature Distance

40cm to 80cm

NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference)

≤ 50 mK (@25°C, F# = 1.0)


Connectivity Interface


Disclaimer: The products are not used to diagnose any medical conditions. The thermal cameras can identify individuals with skin temperature higher than a preset figure but should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if a person with elevated skin temperature is symptomatic of a specific medical condition.

Our advanced thermal detection time and attendance terminals allow your employees to clock in and out of their shifts safely and contact-free.

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