The Tensor Fire Roll Call App (“Tensor FRC”) configures compatible iOS / Android touchscreen devices to work as an electronic, portable Fire Roll Call register for emergency evacuations.

The app provides real-time information on people’s location on site and their safety status. It intended to replace the checking of a paper based register of on-site personnel and to ensure that all members of staff and/or visitors are accounted for. 

Fire marshals can use Tensor FRC to check whether employees have booked themselves on/off site and mark them as Accounted For upon visual confirmation of their safety status. Furthermore, should any employees and/or visitors remain Unaccounted For, they can be contacted straight from their profiles stored on the app

Working in conjunction with the Tensor SSM (Self-Service Module) in Tensor.NET*,  the Fire Roll Call app helps ensure your staff and visitors’ safety in case of an emergency evacuation.


Provides real-time information on people’s location on site and their safety status
Replaces paper-based registers of On-Site personnel
Streamlines the employees’ / visitors’ emergency evacuation process
Personnel can be immediately contacted by voice call or email straight from the app to ascertain their safety status
Displays a list of employees, within a selected fire point, who are Accounted for fire roll call purposes
Displays a list of employees who have booked OFF site within a configurable time period
Visitors, contractors and visiting employees are included in the app’s on / off site lists when Tensor.NET is registered with a WinMCVS serial number
App users can mark a person as Accounted For directly from the app
Full contact details, including name, telephone numbers, photo and the time and status of the last site booking are available for each person on or off site
Resident site and department is displayed for employees
Visitor company and appointment host details are shown for visitors
Lists of on or off site personnel can be filtered by type (i.e. employee, visitor, contractor or visiting employee)
On or off site personnel can be searched for by all or part of their surname
Fire marshals can browse the personnel allocated to any fire point available within their user’s assigned site
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The Tensor Fire Roll Call App (Tensor FRC) has been designed to ensure that all personnel are accounted for. When a person is identified as being in a safe location, such as their fire assembly point, they can be marked as Accounted For using the app.

Using this functionality, the FRC app can be integrated in evacuation scenarios in the following ways:

  • Personnel is marked as Accounted For when exiting the premises – in this scenario scanners are usually installed outside, and at a distance from, a building. On fire alarm evacuation, employees book off site at these remote “muster point” scanners. The fire marshal browses the Unaccounted For list of employees still on site. Any personnel listed in the app are deemed to be on site and at risk.
  • Personnel exit the premises – in this scenario, on fire alarm evacuation, employees assemble at their assigned fire point. The fire marshal identifies each assembled person and marks them as Accounted For on the FRC app. Any personnel remaining in the app’s list are deemed to be on site and at risk.



After a fire assembly point is selected, the Tensor FRC app displays the “Unaccounted For” tab on the main Fire Roll Call page. The “Unaccounted For” tab lists all the employees and visitors that are booked ON site and assigned to the selected fire point.

Personnel are listed alphabetically by surname, with their “type” (employee, visitor, contractor or visiting employee) shown underneath their forename and surname.

The “Unaccounted For” tab offers a search feature, as well as a number of Filters for search results and list refresh options: 

Feature Description
SearchTap the Search icon to quickly search for a person by name. A search box is revealed, and you can type in all or part of a person’s surname. The unaccounted for list is then re-displayed
filtered with matching entries. Only surnames are filtered, starting from the first letter of the surname..
List FilteringThe list of personnel in both the Unaccounted For and Accounted For tabs can be filtered by tapping on the Filter icon.
The filter page consists of two sections; Filter By and Booked Off Period..
Filter By The Filter By section lists the four available person types. Tick or untick any combination of types and then tap Save to filter the lists of ON and OFF site personnel accordingly.
Booked Off PeriodPersonnel appearing in the Booked Off list can be limited by the amount of time that has elapsed since the person left site. Tap on the link indicated to the right and select a period ranging from 15 minutes to 23 hours.
List refreshBoth lists of ON and OFF site personnel may be updated by refreshing the app’s page. This can be done by tapping the “Refresh” icon provided in the fire point title row. Displayed information can also be refreshed, when at the top of the page,  by dragging the page down and then releasing it.


The “Accounted For” tab always lists all personnel, regardless of the fire point selected, who have booked off site within the selected time period.


To view a person’s details, tap on their respective link to reveal View and Book OFF buttons. This page displays as many employee details as have been entered into Tensor.NET for the person.

As a minimum, the employee’s name and organisational settings (company, site etc) will be shown. Further details are listed when populated in these employee screens:

  • the employee’s image, as linked in Photograph.
  • the mobile number entered in Basic Details.
  • the email stored in Reporting Group.

The person’s current roll call status, ON for the Unaccounted For list plus
the date and time they arrived is shown as well.

Visitor, contractor and visiting employee entries have these minor variations on the information displayed:

  • the name of their assigned host.
  • the name of the company they represent.
  • their time of arrival at reception.


The View Contact page displays as many details as have been entered into Tensor.NET for the person. On this page the email address, mobile and phone numbers have active links.

When the email address link is tapped, the device will open a new email page populated with the person’s email address.

When the telephone number’s links are tapped, the device will automatically call the number.

* Note

The Tensor FRC app is compatible with Tensor.NET & SSM web service v4.2.0.47 and above, registered with a FRC serial number.