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Anti-radicalisation surveillance scheme helps Home Office deter more than 500 potential terrorists case study image

Anti-radicalisation surveillance scheme helps Home Office deter more than 500 potential terrorists

The Government's Channel anti-radicalisation scheme has seen more than 500 would-be terrorists supported, according to a new report. The multi-agency programme identifies people at risk of being drawn into terrorism, and, between January 2007 and December 2012, it saw 2,500 British residents referred. More than half of the respective potential terror suspects were referred between January 2011 and December 2012 (1,274), with more than 500 residents receiving support that would deter them from joining terrorist organizations. Without a doubt, the Government's Channel anti-radicalisation scheme also relies heavily on the CCTV surveillance of suspected terrorists. And surveillance is one of Tensor's main areas of expertise, as we offer a very comprehensive set of solutions capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements. Our systems include not only latest-generation digital cameras, capable of providing the highest picture quality and video performance, but can also be be fully integrated with any previously installed Tensor access control or visitor monitoring equipment. All digital CCTV systems supplied by Tensor PLC are fully compliant with the UK Police Requirements and are accompanied by state of the art video monitoring software, as well as a full range of digital video recorders (DVRs), for securely storing the footage. If you want to find out more about the Tensor Digital CCTV solutions, our dedicated product team is waiting for your questions.

Fire Roll Call software can save lives in industrial factories and plants case study image

Fire Roll Call software can save lives in industrial factories and plants

Forty fire-fighters have tackled a massive blaze at a tyre recycling plant in Maybridge, South Armagh, that started at around 3.30pm on the 21'st of March. Several crews who were sent to the scene discovered that the fire had engulfed more than 1,000 tyres, a news report reveals. Group commander Edward Carroll said: "It was quite a significant fire and we were somewhat hampered by strong winds which were fanning the flames." A spokesman for the Department of the Environment also commented on the incident, revealing that the "NI Environment Agency has been on site and is co-ordinating with the Fire Service in order to reduce the risk of pollution.” A Fire Roll Call system is a must for any industrial factory, especially one that deals with a lot of hazardous materials, such as the one in Maybridge. The Tensor access control and security products can be easily integrated with fire roll call software, capable of automatically generating a report in case of a fire or some other type of emergency and providing precise information on exactly who's on site at any given moment. What makes the Tensor solution different from most of the other available on the market is the fact that the Fire Roll Call feature is executed directly from the clocking stations and does not rely on the controlling PC or computer infrastructure. This makes it a lot safer, since the aforementioned IT systems might also be severely affected in case of an emergency. After the fire or emergency alarm has started, the employees who assemble at their fire roll call points can either use their smart cards or key fobs to record their presence or, if they have not brought them along, they can be checked off manually using the generated reports.

New budget will likely lead to construction boom, multiple sites to secure case study image

New budget will likely lead to construction boom, multiple sites to secure

The new budget revealed yesterday by Chancellor George Osborne includes plans for interest-free loans and guarantees to support £130bn worth of new mortgages from 2014. Targeting mostly that category of employees who can't afford putting up the large deposits currently required by lenders, the Help to Buy program will grant applicants a 20% interest-free loan from the government, as long as they put down a 5% deposit and buy a newly-built property. Moreover, the government also launched a £12bn guarantee scheme, starting in January 2014, that will support anyone buying a home up to the value of £600,000. Given these positive circumstances, the construction market is set to boom over the next couple of years, with multiple new housing developments likely to appear all over the UK. This translates into a serious increase in the level of demand for secure access solutions, one of Tensor plc's main areas of expertise. Our gates and barriers can provide secure access to any new building site or finished residential development and they also fully integrate with our smart card and biometric access control systems giving customers full jurisdiction over movement and access in and around the site. The gates and barriers are set to prevent unauthorised access, allowing for rapid communication when any delay occurs, such as when unauthorised personnel attempt to access a restricted area. Additionally, our access restriction solutions can stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and prevent entry or exit until they identify themselves via their smart card and/or biometric fingerprint.  

Biometric solutions are the future of time and attendance and access control systems case study image

Biometric solutions are the future of time and attendance and access control systems

Biometric solutions clearly represent the future in the field of access control, whether we're talking about a person gaining access to their physical workplace or to the files stored on their computer. In fact, one could argue that the range of applications for biometric systems is only limited by the product developer's imagination (and, of course, actual market demand). The Tensor T32xx Biometric Clocking Unit is the best example of a biometric-based access control/time and attendance solution that covers all the bases, offering a huge array of features and functions that will meet and exceed even the most demanding customer's requirements. The IP-enabled all-in-one workstation can be used both for access control and time and attendance purposes, but also adds a host of additional useful features, such as Job Booking, Job Costing, Labour Hours Analysis and Security Management including quality CCTV playback. Moreover, the Tensor T32xx can also be equipped with GPS auto location, speech output, video and mobile phone support, helping customers increase security and eliminate fraudulent clocking (which, after all, is quite an important reason of concern for most companies out there). Extra features that add even more value to the Tensor Biometric Clocking Unit include USB Flash Stick & SD/MMC Card Storage support and USB & Network Printer Support, as well as a user friendly, multilingual GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a battery backup + Local Fail-Safe Storage for power communications loss. If you want to find out more about our biometric clocking units, our product team is always ready to answer all your queries.

Newham Council to add even more CCTV cameras to already extensive network case study image

Newham Council to add even more CCTV cameras to already extensive network

CCTV surveillance cameras play a pivotal role within the UK's public security management system, being particularly effective in reducing the level of crime and anti-social behaviour in densely populated urban areas. And it seems that the Newham Council in East London can't get enough of them, since they've announced plans to update their already extensive network of CCTV cameras. With 959 CCTV cameras installed, the East London borough has actually more cameras in place than Liverpool and Birmingham combined. However, residents are still quite concerned about the rising level of crime in the area, and believe that an even larger CCTV network might help mitigate that. A market leader in the field of access control and surveillance solutions, Tensor PLC has an extensive experience in providing customers with complete and comprehensive CCTV solutions, that adhere to the highest security standards. In fact, all of our surveillance products are fully compliant with the UK Police Requirements. Our PC based, multi channel video surveillance systems provide not only the best available video quality, but are also extremely versatile, allowing users to connect a very large number of cameras to a single network. Moreover, we also provide an extensive array of video camera models, designed to match a variety of specific installation requirements. It's also important to mention that our high-end DVRs only record footage of activity, thus maximizing the available storage space. Featuring a sophisticated buffering technology, the DVR also records events of up to 5 minutes previous to the trigger. If you want to find out more about our high-end surveillance solutions, don't hesitate to contact us or request a call-back from our friendly and professional sales team.  

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