The Latest Tensor.NET & SSM Updates, Version, Includes In-Depth Testing of MCVS Module

Tensor.NET Version

The latest Tensor.NET update, version, sees a wide range of software updates and fixes to improve customer experience. These include T8526 Access controller updates, vast Monitoring Contractor & Visitor Systems module updates as well as Badge Previewing issues that have now been resolved.

New Features & Enhancements

This project details the bespoke requirements of configuration changes to the T8526 Access controller to allow the control of a Water Pump dispenser. A new document is available on request for more information.


The MCVS module has undergone some in-depth testing in this version and a number of faults have been found and fixed, these include:

  • The Visitor ‘Auto Check-Out’ function in User Options was found to not be working.
  • Visitor Card Assignment – A fault was found when trying to change the Card type from assigned to unassigned, although this would allow you to change it, the card remained as ‘’assigned’, this has now been fixed.
  • Picture display – When using the ‘HTML’ window, any uploaded Visitor images were not showing correctly in this view screen.
  • When creating new appointments, a fault was found with the ‘Apply’ button that was not enabling after the 'Make Default' checkbox is selected/unselected.

A fault was found when using the Badge Preview option from within the employee record. The fault occurred when trying to select from anything other than the ‘Front Side’ in the preview pane, all other options were greyed out and could not be selected, which is now resolved.

Setup Wizard – An issue was found with the Hardware Device Manager wizard when setting up a new T32xx Clock. Moving through the Wizard was fine however when clicking back, some of the previously selected options were not showing, this has now been resolved.

Hand Scanner – Employees can be restricted access to the device after so many failed attempts, a fault was found when employees were exceeding this amount where the employee record was not updating the ‘Lock Employees Access’ option, which meant employees would gain access after a full data setup, this has now been fixed.

PeopleHR Integration – A couple of issues have been found and fixed with the PeopleHR Integration in this version, they are;

  • When importing absences on rest days, they were showing as an error and didn’t get removed from the tbl_OHR_Absence table. Changes have been made so all absences come across.
  • An issue was found where Sickness Absences were not being imported due to the code being Case Sensitive. This has been changed to case Insensitive so cure the problem and has also been applied to the other categories.
  • A fault was found when editing sickness and other events in People HR, if the date range is reduced, say from two weeks down to one week, then the days that are no longer needed don't get removed from Tensor.NET. A delete line has been added for any days that are no longer in the date range to resolve this issue.

Grammatical Changes – A number of grammatical changes have been fixed in this version, they include:

  • A popup message when printing a pass for visitors that has no pass assigned gave the incorrect message ‘Empty Badge/Pass there printing failed’, this has now been reworded to ‘Empty template. Please add some controls before continuing’.
  • The wording on a tooltip when viewing appointments has also been changed, the tool tip message showed 'appointments/s'
  • The wording on a tooltip pops up when viewing welfare checks in the appointment screen. The pop up read ‘Select a check type type’. This has now been reworded to ‘Select the type of check being made’.
  • The wording on a tooltip pops up when viewing the attendance section on a visitor appointment screen. The pop up reads ‘Type the current state for a Visitor’. This has now been reworded to ‘Current attendance status’ and ‘Details of current attendance status’ respectively.

Customer Resolutions

A fault had been reported where a shift pay rule was calculated on a day where the trigger Payband has a 0 value. This was generating a 0 adjustment and a day total record for the target Payband, this fault then caused the clock card report to return 00:00 in the configured Pay Band columns. This fault has been resolved in this version.

Tensor.NET SSM Version

New Features & Enhancements

A new ‘Show Notes’ checkbox has been added to the Shift Assignment screen. The show notes option will now allow the user to display the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shift notes as it does in the main application. Users can choose whether or not to display this by checking or unchecking the box.

tensor update

Widgets changes – The Fire Roll Call (Site On/Off) and Job Status widgets have now been changed to add the same status colour as the clocking widget that was implemented on a previous ticket. The changes will show these widgets display green for IN and red for OUT to match the clocking widget.


The MCVS module has undergone some in-depth testing in this version and a number of faults have been found and fixed, these include:

  • Checking IN multiple Visitors or group checking IN triggered and error message, it was performing a separate check IN process for each attendee and this caused a conflict on the data table.
  • Pass Expiry - When editing the Pass expiry of an appointment, an error was displayed saying ‘Pass Template cannot be in the past’ even though the time had not been changed. A problem with the background value was found and has been fixed.
  • Emailing – The emails received by a Host was found to be missing the Visitors name on the Appointment details. The same problem occurred on the email to notify the host their Visitor had checked in.

Screen Display issues – Multiple Problems with Widgets were found with overlapping boxes when the screen was minimised in the Google Chrome browser, these have now been sized correctly in this version.

Auto-Refreshing Home Page – A number of the home page widgets should automatically refresh based on the settings held in the Administration à SSM Settings option. A problem was found where the Task/Requests page was not refreshing as it should but has now been fixed.

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