Tensor Web-Based Time & Attendance Employee Self-Service Module (SSM)

Remote clock in app for remote workforce management

The Self-Service Module (SSM) is a web-based application that allows enrolled employees to clock in or out, for time and attendance purposes, and book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list.

SSM may also be used by employees to book on or off production jobs via their internet browser. A person can use SSM to request new periods of absence, cancel pending absence requests or cancel approved absence requests that have not yet occurred. Requests can also be made to add missed clockings, amend or delete clockings made in error. Additionally, employees working a formal flexitime system can view their current flexi-balance in real-time and request adjustments to it.

The Self-Service Module provides the following web-based functionality.

Tensor Self Service Module (SSM) screenshot

SSM users can:

  • Clock in or out for time and attendance purposes, book themselves on or off the fire evacuation list and book on or off jobs
  • Clock out with an associated absence reason
  • View their current holiday entitlement
  • View and their current flexitime balance and request adjustments to their balance
  • View the status of their absence requests and timesheet amendments
  • View their previous clockings and request new clockings, inserted breaks, amendments or removal of existing clockings or request adjustments to their daily total of worked hours
  • View their recent clockings, job bookings or access transactions for any period
  • Print a clock card report of their own clockings for any period
  • Print a flexitime summary report showing their actual worked hours in comparison to the shift’s expected hours as well as their flexitime balance
  • View their absence planner for any year
  • View the absences booked by other members of their department
  • Request a period of absence
  • Cancel a requested or approved period of absence
  • Request a change to their assigned shift
  • Request a shift swap with a work colleague
  • View their shift rota for any period
  • Review and request changes to their personal details such as address and contact numbers
  • Review and request updates to the emergency contacts held for them in Tensor.NET
  • Review and request changes to their financial account details stored in Tensor.NET
  • Book new appointments for visitors that they or other users are hosting
  • View appointments that have been booked for themselves as host or for any other host at their site
  • Delegate other users to act as appointment hosts in their stead
  • Receive email notifications when requests are authorised or denied
  • Update their account settings with changes to username, password and email address
  • Select the supported language they wish to use for SSM

Supervisors managing employees can:

  • Authorise or deny any requested periods of absence made by their team members
  • Authorise or deny any requested absence cancellations
  • Authorise or deny any requested clocking amendments
  • Authorise or deny any requested flexitime adjustments
  • Authorise or deny any requested shift swaps or shift changes
  • Receive email notifications when team members request periods of absence or timesheet amendments
  • Run clocking reports of their immediate or wider team members
  • View a consolidated absence planner containing absence details of their immediate or wider team
  • View a supervisory mimic panel display of the clocking status of their team members
  • Make changes to the assigned shifts of their team
  • Temporarily delegate their SSM functions to other users
  • Reassign team members to other supervisors

SSM administrators can:

  • Customise the features available in the Self-Service Module
  • Authorise or deny requests for new SSM accounts
  • Lock or unlock SSM user accounts
  • Create and assign roles that control features available to SSM users
  • Design the clock card report used by other SSM users
  • Delegate a supervisor’s SSM functions to another user
  • Receive email notifications when new accounts are requested
  • Customise the text, banner and background colours
  • Customise the images used for the logo, login logo and background
  • Customise the hyperlinks associated with the logo and login logo
  • Customise the font style, colour and size

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