Tensor.NET Version Allows Periodic Overtime Calculation to Recalculate Shift Premiums

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

An issue was found where the Shift Premiums were not being calculated correctly after the periodic overtime was being dragged back. A new setting has been added to the systems User Options application and can be found under. System Configuration > Processing Settings > Periodic Overtime > Allow Periodic Overtime Calculations To Recalculate Shift Premiums. Once enabled, the new setting will reprocess the shift premiums after the periodic overtime drag back has been added.

Tensor.NET Version Allows Periodic Overtime Calculation to Recalculate Shift Premiums


Employee Interface Service – An issue has been resolved with the employee importer when importing existing employees, the ‘Gender’, ‘Payment interval’ and ‘Employment Type’ were being defaulted when they weren't specified and overwriting the current details.

Education Details - The education section was allowing Users to close the section without entering an establishment name, this should not be the case and has been changed so Users are forced to enter a name.

Tensor.NET SSM Version


Passwords – A critical fault was found where Users were unable to update their Passwords from the Account screen. The ‘Update’ button seemed to have no effect but has now been fixed in this version.

Widget Filters – Some of the filters on the Widgets were found to not work correctly. The Department Clocking Status, Department Roll Call Status, Supervisor Clocking Status and Supervisor Roll Call Status were all widgets affected with the same problem where the selected filter did not show the data correctly. 

Absence Cancellations – A previous change to the SSM was found to create a new problem when cancelling absences. Users were unable to cancel an already approved absence getting a ‘Processing Error’. The settings have been reverted and changed for both to work.

For more information regarding the latest version of Tensor.NET (, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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