A New Rota Screen and Flexi-Working Enhancements Included in Mobile Self Service Module Version 4.1.42

Mobile Self Service Module (MSSM) App Version 4.1.42

The latest update of Mobile Self Service Module App, version 4.1.42, introduces a new rota screen and other improvements to text labels, booking timed absences, sorting employees, flexi working and much more.

New Features and Enhancements

A new ‘Rota’ screen has been added in this version. The Rota screen has been a popular option in the main SSM application so has now been integrated into the App version. Mobile SSM users can now select the ‘Rota’ option from the main menu and select a date range to assign shifts to view.

mobile self service module


A Polish translation was omitted in one of the screens. The Adjust Minutes/Hours ‘OK’ button was in English and has now been changed to Polish.

Text labels – When making an amendment request to clockings, the Absence code is just shown as ‘Code’, this has now been changed to ‘Absence Code’ to make the option clearer.

A fault was found on occasions when loading the calendar option, the screen would just remain blank. Changes to the User’s locale has now solved the problem.

Approved Annual Leave days were incorrectly being highlighted in Red instead of a Blue colour on the Calendar. Changes have been made so the App will now use the hex colours that are returned by the web service. (This only applies to SSM Users with version or above) If using an earlier version, the app will fall back to the colours used in previous versions.

Booking Timed Absences – It has been noticed that the default time for booking timed absences was set to 12:00pm – This has now been changed to 00:00am as a starting point to mirror the SSM application.

Sorting Employees – An issue was found when sorting employees in the calendar screen. The sort order was not quite right and was prioritising uppercase letters but has now been changed to lowercase, as it should be.

Flexi working – An issue was found where flexi summary balances were being displayed for staff that were not working ‘Flexi’ shifts, this display problem has now been corrected.

When a processing error occurs after an employee has requested an amendment a small icon is meant to show in the cell in the Users Web SSM, this was found to not happen but has now been corrected so the icon shows as expected.

A couple of problems with the Delegations have been resolved in this version.

  • After assigning a delegation to authorise exceptions whilst you are absent, a problem was found when trying to go back in to edit the delegation, the employee list was blank. Changes have been made so the list loads correctly.
  • It was noticed that users were able to Delete any delegations to you, this should not be the case, the only thing you should be able to do is to delegate onto someone else. The delete option has been removed.

A blank error message was found at the login screen, when clicking ‘Login’ without entering a valid Username the displayed message was blank but not displayed correctly.

A filtering problem has been fixed in the supervisor calendar option, the App was not handling denied cancellations correctly. These requests were showing when 'hide denied' was disabled. A similar problem was also found when days that had cancellations but also had other absences booked were not displaying the absence correctly.

Back Buttons - A new ‘back’ button has been added when going to the Calendar from the employee screen, previous versions meant there was no way back to the employee screen without going to the home screen first. A ‘Back’ button has also been added to the Timesheet/Flexi Adjustments Page and to the Supervisor Calendar.

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