The Latest Mobile Self-Service Module App Update, Version 4.2.49, includes Brand New Home Screen & Multiple Display Fixes

Mobile Self-Service Module App Version 4.2.49

New Features and Enhancements

The app's welcome screen has received a new makeover in this version. The older fly out menu has been removed and replaced with a ‘Widget’ style interface as shown to the right. The new interface presents easier navigation for the user to access some of the key areas and shows live clocking status’.

Creating new requests in the calendar has changed slightly. A new ‘Add New’ option has been added as it was felt the older ‘Tap here to make a new request’ was not obvious enough to a user.

Mobile SSM Version 4.5.49


Fire Point Selection – A change has been made to the fire point selection pop up window to display ‘No Fire Point Available’ when there is no fire point available for the selected site. The window on the previous version just showed an OK and Cancel button.

Travelling Abroad – When viewing requests as a Supervisor, the option of ‘travelling abroad’ is displayed in the task list and should also be displayed in the request details pane, this was found to not be the case but has now been added.

Text & Display Changes – A couple of text and display variations have been found and corrected in this version.

  • When searching and filtering for jobs, the wording of ‘Job Description’ was not consistent throughout the process and has now been rectified.
  • Within the Tasks area, the requester name was being displayed as First Name, Last Name whereas in other areas it was Last Name, First Name, the displays have been changed to read the same.
  • The hours display was also found to be invalid within the tasks display. Booked absences were displayed correctly in the tasks but only displayed as 00:00 in the task details.
  • After an absence request had been denied, the display of the code was found to be hidden and not displaying correctly when attempting to review the ‘View’ details option.
  • Pending requests – When viewing the details of a pending request, the ‘Workday count’ was found to be empty also the Supervisor comment section was displaying. In this version’ the Workday count now loads correctly & supervisor comments hidden for pending requests.
  • Denied Leave colouring – The displayed colour of a denied absence request was found to be just using the standard absence colour, this has now been fixed to display correctly.

Missing Items that have now been replaced:

  • The Latitude and Longitude were not being displayed when the location services were turned off, the Geo-location section of the clocking page was just showing as empty.
  • Employee lists were found to only show accounts of staff that had SSM accounts. Employee lists should show all staff that report to the line managers’ account.
  • The Line manager field was not populated correctly when only one line manager was assigned.
  • When making new requests, the Absence ‘Type’ was missing from all absences except the ‘hours’ type, this has now been corrected.

Clocking OUT – An issue was found after clocking IN when the employee should be absent for the day (clocking during an absence). The clocking button was not changing to Clock OUT as it should but has now been corrected.

Job Searching – A problem was found trying to search for a parent job once you had already selected a child job. In general you select a parent Job, then a child job and this would not pose a problem. The problem was found when then trying to re-search for a new parent job, this has now been resolved.

Queued Transactions Message – The Queued Transaction message was found to display even when working online in the Clocking IN/OFF, Jobs and Fire Roll Call BOOK ON/ OFF screens. This has now been resolved and the message only occurs when the mobile device is offline as expected.

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