SSVM Software Update Version 3.0.19 Offers New Features and Enhancements

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New Features & Enhancements

The Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management app (Tensor SSVM) configures compatible iOS and Android touchscreen devices to work as self-service kiosks for Visitor Registration and Management. On the latest upgrade, SSVM introduces various new features, enhancements, and also some fixes.

Find out what does the newest version has in store for the customers, here:

  1. A new ‘Visitor Type’ drop-down option has been added to the ‘Ad Hoc’ appointment screen. This option allows users to select the type of visitor category they belong to, i.e. Visitor, Contractor or Visiting employee. Visiting employees can also now search for their own names. This option, although already existing on the new Visitor form has now been hidden as it is no longer required.
  2. TabletThemes - A new feature has been added to the Tablet Theme, ‘Auto-Format Name Entry ’for Ad-HocVisitors. This new setting has 3 new settings, the default value is Camel Case.



  1. A fault was found when creating an Ad Hoc appointment by selecting previously visited Visitors or Contractors
  2. In both scenarios, the results for Visitors & Contractors were all mixed up in the search results.
  3. Camera Device Settings – Users found that when pressing ‘Test’ to test the camera settings, the ‘X’ or cancel button did not work correctly, the message was dismissed but left the User stuck in the camera preview. This, however, did not occur when connected to a web service.

Installation Changes

  1. Web Service URL – This version sees a fix to the Web Service URL settings option. A fault was found in previous versions where only a valid IP address was accepted as part of the path name. This version now allows you to enter the device name too. i.e. http://tensor-PC/SSMWebservice/
  2. Device Name – A fault was found in IOS 16 where the device name was static and could not be changed in the app. A new ‘Device Name’ field has been added on the Webservice settings tab which allows users to manually override the device name.

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