Tensor demonstrates the integration of QR Codes with the MCVS Visitor Management System


Today, Tensor, along with our colleagues at YEM in Singapore demonstrated the latest development in our Visitor Management system.

With the assistance of Zoom Tech, the largest turnstile manufacturer in Singapore, Tensor showcased the full integration of our MCVS Visitor Management system with Tensor’s Access Control system and QR codes.

Tensor’s MCVS already automatically generates a QR code for a new visitor appointment, which is emailed to the visitor.

Using the new features, once a visitor has checked-in (either via MCVS or the new self-service SSVM touchscreen module), the visitor can then use the QR code to gain access through a door, turnstile, speed lane, etc. The QR code can be configured by the host to either allow one-time access through a door/turnstile or to allow access multiple times and/or on multiple doors.

The visitor’s access attempts (both granted and denied) are all reportable in real-time from within Tensor.NET but are also emailed to the host. If a visitor enters a particular zone using a QR code, then this is also recorded in Tensor.NET. This ensures that if the fire alarm is triggered, the visitor would be assigned to a particular fire zone for roll-call purposes.

The integration of QR code reading will be particularly beneficial to lobbies or reception areas when used in conjunction with the self-service touchscreen module (Self-Service Visitor Monitoring – SSVM). Visitors are now able to check-in in and gain access to a secure waiting area, all on a self-service basis. Two factor authentication is also available, using QR code and facial recognition.

Tensor Chief Executive Ashley Smith who performed the demonstration said, “The full integration of QR codes into the MCVS Visitor Management system and Tensor.NET provides an automated means of booking a visitor in and granting them access to a specific area. This is even more powerful when used in conjunction with Tensor’s new Self Service Android & IOS app (SSVM). QR code functionality has become a consistent request in both Singapore and South East Asia. Tensor has responded to this by not only integrating QR code reading into our Access Control system, but also providing an automated method of processing and allowing access to visitors”.

Tensor expects to see major interest in this development from our Singapore office which is Tensor’s regional Hub for the APAC market. In partnership with Zoom Tech, Tensor is producing a package to upgrade existing turnstile & speed lanes so that they can utilise QR code reading in conjunction with Tensor’s MCVS Visitor Management system. If you would like further information please visit https://www.tensor.co.uk, email us at enquiries@tensor.co.uk or phone us at +44 (0)1480 215530.

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About Tensor

A member of the British Security Industry Association and holders of the prestigious Secure by Design license. Tensor are also NSI NACOSS Gold CCTV & Access Control and ISO 9001:2008 accredited and hold a host of other industry specific and quality accreditations.

A member of the made in Britain initiative, Tensor is a leading UK designer, manufacturer, installer and systems integrator of smart card and biometric Access Control, Visitor Monitoring and Time Management equipment. Products also include Turnstiles, Car Park Barriers, Perimeter Detection, CCTV (static and rapid deployment), ANPR, Facial Recognition and Building Management Systems.

Advanced features such as evacuation reporting, duty management, targeting and monitoring, mobile applications and energy and environmental monitoring & management are found within our products.

Tensor has offices throughout the UK and elsewhere plus a footprint in many countries around the world where we provide local installation, training and support directly from the manufacturer. We offer an unrivalled level of service to our customers comprising over 3,000 organisations.

For more information, please visit https://www.tensor.co.uk

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Tensor demonstrates the integration of QR Codes with the MCVS Visitor Management System image 2
Tensor demonstrates the integration of QR Codes with the MCVS Visitor Management System image 3

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