Tensor.NET Adds New Features for Employees with Multiple Line Managers

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

  • SSM Authorisers -- A new feature has been added to allow users to 'Copy' an employees's authoriser. This feature is particularly useful if the employee has multiple line managers that are responsible for differing tasks.
  • Project S-56024-355-355-HolidayBalanceForClocks has been implemented into this version. This project detailschangestoTensor.NETtocreateanewtabletohold thecurrentHolidaybalanceandhaveataskinthe process engine service which re-calculates for each employee at a defined time \ period. Clock setup times will be reduced as they will now pull from that table rather than calculate on the fly for each employee being sent to the clock. A new document detailing the changes will be made available.


  • Loading Screen Optimisation-This version has seen some work done to optimise the loading screen on the Security Groups screen. Larger databases will see a large decrease in the loading times.
  • Bradford Factor Re-Calculations – A fault was found where the recalculate option was not queueing correctly, this occurred when new records were added whilst in the midst of processing an existing one.

Customer Resolution

  • RFA158298 - Report Previewing – A fault has been fixed with the Report Preview screen, The screen was not showing more than one tab even when the report is supposed to allow multiple selection types
  • Timeouts – There is an issue with the employee screen timing out when using a specific database. This was partially addressed in a previous ticket however it did not completely fix the issue. A join has been moved on the vEmployeePermanentRoster to the top of the list of joins to ensure that it calculates the view for the smallest number of rows.
  • PeopleXD – Changes have been made in this version to the recent PeopleXD modification. Previously, the modification was deleting and inserting every absence, which will not work as deleting an absence when it isn't in PeopleXD will cause an error. We were also sending over individual days whereas the requirement is now to send over full-day date ranges so that PeopleXD can calculate the Bradford factor correctly.

Tensor.NET SSM Version


A fault was reported requesting a PM and a Timed absence on dates not displayed on the Absence planner. If you had the planner set to 2022 but requested the clash the following year, this allowed the request even though it clashed, this has now been resolved.

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