Tensor.NET Adds New Method to Insert Absence Line

Tensor.NET Version


  • PeopleXD – Changes to the PeopleXD integration have been implemented in this version, changes mean rather than deleting and inserting every absence line by line, the new method will import a date range so that PeopleXD can calculate the Bradford factor correctly
  • Log Files – A couple of issues were found where log files were being created unnecessarily, 2 areas have been fixed where this was occurring, they are:
    • Adding/Creating new Position
    • Adding/Creating new Applicants
  • Default Countries – New Applicant creations were defaulting to Afghanistan, This has been changed so that it is the same as the default country when a new applicant is created.

Tensor.NET SSM Version


  • Process Error Message – A wrong error message was being displayed when trying to authorise a clocking amendment. In some scenarios, once a clocking request has been made, if the clockings were changed before the supervisor had the chance to authorise, the message should read ‘Overlapping Clockings Found’, this has now been corrected.
  • Role Management - Two features, ‘Remove Roll Call’ & ‘Site ON/OFF’ have now been moved to the ‘Recent Clockings’ option.

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