Tensor.NET Brings New Modification

Tensor.NET - Brings New Modification

New Enhancement & Features

  • Project S-168248-355-355-ScannerPinOnlyOverride has been implemented into this version. This project details changes to Tensor.NET to add the ability to assign a pin for door locks. A new document detailing the changes will be made available.


  • SSM Login App – When using the SSM Login app with a location set, a fault was found when you clock in and out from the SSM. The clockings in Tensor.NET were then found to have an absence code and were preventing the day from being processed. In a similar issue, the recent clocking screen was showing ’PC Clock’ instead of the actual location.
  • Recruitment(HR)–An issue was found where Photos for new applicants were not being saved correctly, the code has been changed so this now saves as expected.
  • Delegation Emails–The delegation Emails were found to still be in the older style formats, these have now been changed to match the current email formats.

Installation Changes

  • Interface Service – A number of changes have been made to the Employee Interface Service in this version, these include the following:
  • Importing from files will now happen in alphanumerical order
  • New added trace lines to indicate tasks being worked on.
  • Fault fixed on downloaded file path
  • Failed absence imports will now show the UID on the failure emails.

Customer Resolutions

  • Wavestore Integration - A fault was reported with Tensor.NET where the SDK was crashing when connecting to the NVR either by the Test Connection button or Refresh Cameras button.
  • A fault was reported where Break glass transactions were not being returned correctly using the latest communication services and Tax03 firmware V3.2.9 B10 and older. A new option has been added to the DataSync Service XML file to allow the system to use the legacy tamper option to support older firmware
  • RFA159180 - A fault was reported with the error logging process. After editing a clocking on the timesheet page that only had an IN time. After adding an OUT time, saving the request and then having the request Authorised an error appeared in the Service log.
  • RFA159538 - A fault was reported when trying to create a Payroll Export with Non-delimited values. A problem was found in the code that would only generate if the delimetre was used.
  • A fault was reported where the system was not correctly mapping the system job ID to the job ID held on the device. After Multi-Tier Job Booking was added to the system for use with the T32xx Clocks the problems found were due to the number of parent child jobs that could be added to the system, the system job IDs could exceed the 2 byte integer job ID used on the devices.


New Enhancement & Features

  • Project S-20446-355-355-QuickReleaseDoor has been implemented into this version. This project details changes to Tensor.NET to add a quick-release widget for selected doors. A new document detailing the changes will be made available.


  • The ‘Manage All Exceptions’ option was found to not work correctly. When being used with the ‘Hide Authorised’ option the ‘Manage all Exceptions’ was still displaying exceptions that had been Authorised.
  • Adding Jobs – An issue was found where an Employees Supervisor's Supervisor was able to add Jobs for Employees. Only a direct Supervisor is allowed to add Jobs for Employees, the Add Job button is now hidden for Hierarchy employees.
  • Check IN/OUT Forms – A problem was found when moving questions in the Form. The question will now stay in view instead of having the user scroll as the question moves. (#12111)
    The same issue occurred when adding a new question, when many questions existed, new questions that were added could only be viewed by scrolling down, this has now been fixed.

Customer Resolutions

  • RFA159650 –A fault was reported when Filtering Jobs in the SSM. The filter used for searching for Job Codes was found to not work correctly. This was due to the ‘selectpicker’ refresh not being called after an update.

For more information regarding the latest version of Tensor.NET (, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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