Tensor.NET Adds Structural Changes

Tensor.NET Adds Structural Changes


  • People HR - When importing absences from PeopleHR, absences codes that were not mapped are not always reported in the notification email. This has now been changed and reported correctly.
  • Return to Work Alerts – The ‘Notify Options’ tab was not being displayed on the Employee Returned To Work alert in User Options. This is the only alert that should display that tab currently and has now been added back in.

Installation & Structural Changes

  • Authentication Service ConfigurationApp - The XML file for this app has been changed so it is able to handle new database zip file names. i.e., TensorNET_New_.zip and TensorNET_Upgrade_.zip. These changes to the database names will now work with the Customer setup kits and the Testing Setup kit deployments.
  • Data Sync Service – The T32xx clock CTRL table length has been extended from 57 to 60 in sql. This was to overcome an issue where the maxPINLength field in the table would default to 0 and a max PIN length of 6 would be used on the clock. The user would then need to press the Enter key if their PIN is shorter than 6 digits.
  • T32xx Clock Setups - There is a big delay when setting up a T32xx clock with network devices that are offline after it receives the Peripheral Table. A new trace line has been added to the service monitor to tell the user that there maybe a delay during the setup at the peripheral table. The longest delay has been found when there are multiple printers on the clock and they are OFFLINE.
    • In addition, the RawDataService has been changed to add the printer ID to the extra data string as "Printer ID: X" for printer transactions from a clock, so when a printer is set ONLINE / OFFLINE transactions are received to show this in the DeviceLog so that they can now be reported upon.
  • Absence Importer - When importing Absence codes with character strings of 25 or more (maximum for our system), the imported code was found to cut the code short. Instead, they will now be rejected and reported to the service monitor.

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