Tensor.NET - Software Modification Bradford Report Date Override

Tensor.NET - Software Modification Bradford Report Date Override

The latest software modification made to Tensor.NET adds a new date range selector to the systems Bradford Index Report. This new date range selector allows users to choose any date from the past to generate results for their Bradford Index Score.

System Requirements

These modifications are available when these system components are installed:

  1. Version or above of Tensor.NET
  2. A valid Tensor.NET serial number was activated for Time & Attendance


To upgrade to version of Tensor.NET, you need to retrieve the correct version setup kits from your assigned Tensor Engineer.

The process of installation is to install the Server kit first and then once complete, you must then install the Client installation. Launch the Tensor.NET Server installation Kit and follow the wizard instructions to install the software. Note, you may be requested to use the Add Remove Programs feature to remove the existing copy of Tensor.NET before the upgrade can be installed. This procedure does not remove any system data.

Follow the on-screen prompts to install both packages. For further information on this procedure, please refer to the installation guide, or contact Tensor Support for assistance.

Support details can be accessed by clicking here

Bradford Report

A Bradford Index report allows users to generate absence data based on the universally recognised Bradford Index System. The Bradford formula is embedded into the software (DxOxO) where D=Days and O=Occurrences.

Please note: You will need to allocate the Sickness absence codes for this to work. This can be configured within the Tensor.NET User Options application.

Bradford Index scores are generally run over a rolling twelve-month period but in this version onwards, a new date range filter has been added to the systems standard functionality.
After the version is upgraded, no additional changes are required, simply generate the report in the standard manner to present the screen shown below. Select the ‘Override Configured Date Range’ option to activate the Data range filter and choose the required date range.

software modification

Help and Support

Further help and support are available, you can access the full Administrator manuals by going to your start menu ‘Program Files’ Tensor plc’ ‘Tensor.NET ‘PDF Manuals’

You can also use the help functions within the software. These are found on the system toolbar ‘Help’ Selecting the ‘Contents’ from this menu will allow you to navigate a FAQ section.

Further help and support can be obtained by emailing or telephoning the Tensor Helpdesk. Tensor provides a support line for all queries relating to the Tensor System, and they can be contacted at 01480 215530. Or email on helpdesk@tensor.co.uk

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