Tensor.NET Version Offers Service Monitor and More Options for Payroll Reports

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

Service Monitor – One for the tech guys! The service monitor has many ways of changing and viewing the screens for each service, everyone has their preference but these always default after you close the application! New changes allow users to assign default service settings to all services in one go, as well as a way to keep that persistent through refresh and page changes. Users can also change the settings for specific services and set them back independently. 

This project details changes to Tensor.NET to allow Extra fields and a decimal hours option on two existing custom payroll reports. A new document detailing the changes will be made available. 


User Options – The search facility in User Options was found to not return the expected results. The global setting filter script was filtering down the options incorrectly causing some properties/nodes to not show up, this has now been resolved. 

Employee Interface Service – A problem was found when Importing employee records that had already been deleted and held in the recycle bin. This caused a new employee to be created with a generated ‘TS’ employee code each time the import ran. An additional check in the Recycle bin has been implemented in this version where the record will be restored from the recycle bin and update any changes.

Vehicle Access – An issue was found after assigning a Card and Access Pattern to a Vehicle that does not have ANPR cameras attached. The controller was giving ‘Access Denied’ even though the card should have access granted. The vehicle cards are now added to the controllers' employee table even when no ANPR is fitted to that controller.

Template Distribution Service – The TDS service was found to crash with a memory exception when connecting to the Facestation Fusion devices if left running for more than a few hours. This seems to have occurred after updating to the latest Suprema device SDK V2.8+. After investigation, it was found that using the older Device SDK, (V2.7.2.21) seems to be stable and since the SDK provides all the correct functionality required by the Tensor system, we are rolling back the SDK to that version.

Copying Rosters – A fault has been fixed where copying a Roster was found to double up on any Paybands found in the Periodic Overtime Selection. 

Tensor.NET SSM Version

New Features and Enhancements

This project details changes to Tensor.NET to allow an SSM supervisor to toggle an employee's roll call or clocking status using the home page supervisor widgets. A new document detailing the changes will be made available. 

Clock IN/OUT Widget – The reason code has always been visible when using the clocking widget which caused confusion for Users who think they can clock IN with a reason. The Reason Code option has now been removed and is now only visible when clocking OUT as expected.

Tablet Themes - A new feature has been added to the Tablet Theme, ‘Auto-Format Name Entry’ for Ad-Hoc Visitors. This new setting has 3 new settings, the default value is Camel Case.

No – Don’t use the setting Camel Case – Capitalise the first letter of each name Uppercase – Change the whole text to capital letters.

tensor.net update


The Supervisor ‘Bradford factor’ widget and ‘Supervisory Absence Planner’ was found to be showing for all users even if they weren't a supervisor. This is only expected to display for Supervisor and has been fixed in this version. 

The ‘Site On/Off’ widget was found to not display the Fire Point the employee had been assigned to, this has been changed to display the time and fire point as expected as shown here.

Book ON/OFF or Clock IN/OUT using Supervisor Widget Toggle and the SSM just returned the User to the Login screen. An issue was found where some supervised employees that weren't supervised through absences were not being found when attempting to clock/book them in/out/on/off, this has now been resolved.

Error Log creation – A simple process of changing a host on a pre-existing appointment was found to create a log file unnecessarily, this was being caused by a second unneeded commit and has now been resolved.

Maintenance Version

For more information regarding the latest version of Tensor.NET (, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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