Tensor.NET Version Improved Employee Time Calculations and Reporting

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

Project S-26592-355-355-PeriodicOvertimeShortfall has been implemented into this version. This project details changes to Tensor.NET calculations and reporting when an employee has not worked the amount of hours defined on their Roster. A new document detailing the changes will be made available.


1. Job Clockcard Report – A ‘Timeout’ problem was occurring when trying to run a Job Clockcard Report for more than 50 staff. The timeout was set to 30 seconds and in some cases, depending on the data being generated this can take longer so this has now been increased to 5 minutes.

2. AdHoc Appointments – The Default Badge was not selected when creating Ad Hoc appointments for Contractors and Visiting Employees, this has now been resolved so the default badge is assigned to all categories.

3. Card Assignments – If assigning an alternative card type (i.e Mifare) to an employee, the card type should change automatically to the Card type assigned. A fault was found where the Card type just remained as HID, this has now been resolved to display correctly.

4. Auto-Report – An issue was found with the Auto-Report service that was crashing out. This seemed to be caused when attempting to email the questionnaire answers with blank signatures, and optional signature questions that are ignored when answering the questionnaire.

Customer Resolutions

1. A fault was reported where the Department listings were not showing, this was on a large system with lots of sites and sections. A script has been changed so that it works out all the department data and then adds the sections afterwards, reducing the load time significantly.

Tensor.NET SSM Version


1. Inactive Rosters and Shifts – A fault was found where Shifts and Rosters that were marked as ‘InActive’ in the main application were still showing in the SSM, this has now been changed so they are hidden as expected.

2. Adding Questions into Forms – A change has been made when adding new questions into forms. Previously, after adding a new question the full form was not displayed, which meant you would have to scroll down to see it.

3. Changing Absences – An issue was found where a requester was able to change or edit an Absence request after the authoriser had already authorised it but before the system had processed it! A new error message has been added and now displays when attempting to edit an authorised absence.

4. Mobile Devices – The mobile devices page was found to be hidden even when the system had registered Fire Roll Call Devices, which meant they could not be managed. This has not been changed so this displays correctly.

Customer Resolutions

1. RFA157780 - New fixed list items added to the ‘Marital Status’ screen in the main application was found to not show in the SSM as it should. The SSM was localising the default marital statuses and ignoring any others. Changes have been made so the original marital statuses are still localised but any new ones are displayed as they were entered.

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