Tensor.NET Version Adds New Functionalities with Facestation Fusion and Customer Resolutions

Tensor.NET Version


1. Facestation Fusion – A couple of issues with the Suprema Facestation Fusion has been fixed in this version.

  • After the new enrolment on the Fusion device, the Template Distribution Service was failing to upload the new template from the device.
  • Users set to use ‘Card Only’ were found to not work on the device, this was actually only currently set to work on the previous FaceStation so this functionality has now been added.

2. Shortfall Paybands – Additional functionality has now been added so that the ‘Shortfall’ Paybands can now be displayed on a report as well as the Amend Clockings grid.

Customer Resolutions

1. Slow loading Employee Screen – An issue was reported where the Employee summary view screen was taking too long to load, this was particularly with large sites with large amounts of employees. The screen has been optimised for better performance in this version.

2. RFA 158021 – The Employee screen was found to not save the grid correctly, after sorting by employee number and then exiting the screen and then going back, this was found to revert to the original settings. These grids should ‘remember’ the user’s settings and will do in this version onwards.

3. RFA 158169 – A fault was reported and has now been resolved with the Site Hours Report, this was found to not return any employees when using filters or the override employees option for an auto report.

4. RFA 157733 – Duplicate Shifts – A fault had occurred after copying a Roster. After copying and leaving the roster screen open, then making changes to the pattern. This seemed to create duplicate ShiftGroupPattern records for the days.

Installation Changes

1. Processing Engine changes – An issue was found with the processing service calculating the Bradford index scores even though the Bradford index had not been configured, this was impacted on the performance of services.

2. Auto Report Service – The auto report services were found to fail if the SMTP server went down requiring the services to be restarted. New error-handling options have been added to avoid this from crashing.

Tensor.NET SSM Version

New Features and Enhancements

1. ProjectS-58771-355-355-SSMTimesheetAuthoriseAll has been implemented into this version. This project details changes to the SSM so that an ‘Authorise All’ button has been added to the Timesheet screen. This new button will help avoid Supervising users having to accept exceptions one by one. A new document detailing the changes will be made available.


1. Creating Appointments – A couple of changes have been made to the creation or Visitors process.

  • When creating an Appointment, the ‘Reset’ button is meant to cancel any entered information and start the process again, this was found to just revert to a blank screen.
  • A change has been made on the completion of appointment. Rather than ‘Create or Add Additional Attendee’ this button text has been changed to ‘Save Additional Attendee’, however this button will only show when you create an additional attendee and then select a visitor type.

Customer Resolutions

1. A fault was found when trying to Cancel requests from full-day absences, this particular problem was found when databases were upgraded from under version to under was found to have a column missing in the database.

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