A New Pay Rule Feature & Fixes to the People HR Software in Update Version

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The latest update of Tensor.NET, version, see’s a new pay rule feature along with a number of software fixes. These include fixes to the email attachments, People HR integration as well as numerous customer resolutions and enhancements.

New Features & Enhancements

A new Pay Rule (DIFF DEDUCT) has been added in this version. The new Pay Rule can deduct from Basic hours if the total of Basic + Holiday hours is greater than the maximum (Target Hours) amount i.e 08:00. This new rule works in tandem with the DIFF POSITIVE rule.

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A fault was found when sending emails from the system with an attachment. The attachment was not being deleted from the attachment table after the email was sent. This would have led to the database filling up with potentially large files.

A number of fixes have been applied when using the People HR integration.

  • Importing ‘Other Events’ for People HR, the email states data was imported but it was not. It was getting added by the import process but then removed by the process engine due to a clash, this has now been resolved.
  • Employees being imported from People HR were getting their records created in EmployeeLabourCost with a 0 value in LabourCostPerHour. This was causing the Pay Rate checkbox to convert the minutes to a value of 0 when multiplying by their labour cost.
  • A general fault with importing absences was also identified when using periodic overtime that were being queued to be processed and was causing a conflict, this caused absences to be deleted and has now been resolved.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancements

A customer specific ‘AX Hours Export’ report has been modified so that employees that have less than 4 digits will now be prefixed with a zero.

A change has been made to the Amend clocking screen when selecting employee records. On previous versions, only a single click was required to select an employee and to view their clocking data. Double clicking meant the employee record would open and often caused confusion with customers. The double clicking has now been disabled and will no longer open the record, however those still wishing to open the record can still right click to edit.

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