Tensor.NET & SSM Version Sees Multiple User Experience Enhancements

Tensor.NET Version

The latest Tensor.NET and Self-Service Module (SSM) update, version, sees a wide range of software updates and fixes to improve customer experience. These include the implementation of the Suprema XPass 2 D2 Outdoor Compact Scanners, a new ‘Change Password’ button with the SSM and multiple other fixes.

New Features & Enhancements

Suprema XPass 2 D2 Outdoor Compact Scanners has now been implemented into this version. The Suprema XPass 2 is an outdoor compact RFID reader based on Suprema's state-of-the-art RFID technology and multi-hardware platform. A new document is available on request for more information.

tensor.net version


A problem was found when trying to store or edit Health & Safety documents against the Site, the grid that displays existing documents had a fault and was not displaying as expected and has now been fixed.

Re-opening a previously disabled smart card was found to not show the ‘disable card’ check box as checked. The same problem was found when checking the ‘Notify on Use’ option. A saving problem was identified and has now been resolved.

Hand Scanner Fault - A confirmation message ‘Are you sure’ has been added to both the employee and hardware device manager screens when deleting Hand Scanner templates. Previous versions just deleted the template without asking the User to confirm.

The Annualised Hours Report was found to have a problem with some of the columns, the ‘Expected’ and ‘Week’ columns were not linking correctly and as result were not linking to the ‘Worked Hours’ column to display the data, this has now been resolved.

Training HR – A fault was found when trying to link skills to courses, The Skills grid was failing and presenting a blank grid, this has now been fixed.

Job Overrides – A fault was found when allocating a Job in the override section of the Access Pattern, the list was blank but now loads the list of jobs as expected.

Customer Resolutions

A fix has been applied to a customer’s bespoke payroll report. It was requested to have the report sort by the employee’s payroll number, this has now been changed.

Self-Service Module (SSM) version

New Features & Enhancements

At present there is a Reset Password button that automatically generates email link resets. It has been noted that some SSM Users do not have or choose to not give an email address so this does not work for them. A new ‘Change Password’ button has been added for administrative users to set a password for users in this version.

tensor.net version

Two new settings have been added against the ‘Flexi Balance’ widget in the features pane. ‘Running Balance’ and ‘Include today in expected hours’ are now available for view in the home page widget. These two settings have always been available for staff when clocking at T32xx Clocks and in the SSM but have now been made available in the Widget. Once enabled, users will view the widget screen shown here.

tensor.net version

Adding ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Shift notes was previously only available in the main application. This version sees these changes being made available in the Shift Assignment screen in the SSM. Users can now select a Shift and then select the ‘Edit notes’ option to display the screen shown here. Notes are then displayed either before or after as entered.

tensor.net version


A couple of issues with Widgets have been found and fixed.

  • The ‘Scheduling’ widget was found to not display the shift descriptions correctly for each day of the week. It seemed to use the first allocated shift description on all. This has now been corrected and displays as expected.
  • If no widgets were selected on the home page the change widgets button was found to open the account settings window.

A problem was found when using the timesheet after requesting amendments to clockings through the SSM. If clockings requests were made and were amended in the main application before the clockings were authorised, users were unable to view their timesheet. Additional checks have been added to resolve the problem.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported where the Emergency contact requests were not showing for a particular user to approve. Changes have been made so that a null date of birth on a basic details request is handled instead of failing, this has now been fixed.

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