The Tensor.NET Update, Version, Includes Fixes to the IEVO Scanners & Improved Loading Times

Tensor.NET version

The latest update of Tensor.NET, version, has fixed some faults such as logging in loading times, errors in the SSM Login App, and issues with IEVO scanners.


An intermittent fault was recorded where Tensor.NET occasionally hangs when loading. After the user logged into the application, the main form loads over the top of the splash screen but is unresponsive and the application had to be terminated. Although this was difficult to reproduce, a fix has been applied to the loading screen to resolve the problem.

SSM Login App – A fault was found where cards that were marked as ‘Disabled’ in the card manager were still able to login through the SSM login App. New checks have been added to look for the ‘Disabled’ and the app will now show ‘Employee not found’ when it can’t link an employee with the card.

A couple of faults have been found and fixed with IEVO scanners.

  • When enrolling a fingerprint on the sensor, the user was only getting a minutia count of 4 every time. The minutiae count of 4 was being read incorrectly from the IEVO template.
  • After completing an enrolment process or confirming a fingerprint via the ‘verify’ the message verification failed was being returned.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported with Emails being sent when requesting absence. They were showing with the footer overlapping the rest of the email when viewed in the outlook app on an android phone. The code in the footer html had some invalid tags and has now been resolved.

Job Costing – When entering a Job ID greater than 32767, the job ID was saving as a negative value when being returned from the T32xx clock, this has now been corrected.

A fault was reported where the ‘Cancel’ column was not showing on the Appointments Diary and was not available in the column chooser in the MCVS module, when using some of the configuration options set in the User Options. The column was in conflict with the ‘Allow Visitor Photos’ option and has now been fixed to show correctly.

Auto-Reports Emails were not being received and error log entries were being created that mail was sent successfully. Changes have been made to correct the issue.

A fault when trying to save changes to the Enhanced Fire Roll Call section of a site access pattern has been found. When making changes to the overrides, they were not being saved as expected. A spelling correction to the code has now resolved the problem.

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