Tensor.NET Version Includes New SSM Login App Features & Fixes to the Suprema V2 Door Entry Scanners

Tensor.NET version

New Features & Enhancements

This project details the changes made to the SSM Login App to allow the ability to record Site and Location information when clocking IN/OUT with the Login App. A new document is available on request for more information.

Tensor software update version

A new pay rule LIMIT (MAX ONLY) has now been added in this version. The new rule restricts the amount of hours in the source Pay Band to the ‘max hours’, if the hours worked are less, it moves all into the Target Payband, if more than the Max it moves the excess into the destination (Trigger) Pay Bands.


Suprema V2 Door Entry scanners have been changed to stop cards being sent to the devices for employees to allow the units to be run in card bypass. This is to allow the controller to identify the difference between a card scan and a biometric identification and allow Tensor access patterns to define how the credentials are enabled and used.

Customer Resolutions

A couple of faults have been reported with the Calculated Field Formula feature that was failing after selecting save. The faults occurred when saving with dates set to leaving date and employment start date and also after creating a rolling type, the value displays 000:00. Both of these issues have now been resolved.

A fault was found and has now been fixed where users of the SSVM tablet App were unable to create ‘adhoc’ appointments on weekends.

A fault was found when trying to delete Skills – Skills cannot be deleted if they are assigned to an employee record. A fault was found where even though the skill was no longer linked to employees, the database still showed the link. Changes and extra checks have been implemented to resolve the issue.

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