New Software Modifications included in Tensor.NET Version

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

A recent modification (previous release) has received further enhancements in this version. The previous notifications were sent once a single employee was left on a Fire Roll Call point. In this version, an alert will now be raised if there is just one single worker left on a site.

This project details changes to Tensor.NET so users are able to export Absences in a format to be imported to MHR iTrent. It also includes information on required configuration for the Payroll export file. A new document is available on request for more information.

The PeopleXD export facility has been changed to remove the duplicate pay code check, duplicate absence type and duplicate SFTP sub folder check as none of those were needed. This allows multiple allocations to a Pay code.

A recent modification request was made to the existing Turnover Report. In this version, the Turnover report will receive the same grouping options as other reports. In addition the selected groups have been added and have replaced the Code and Description.


A fault has been found with the Bradford Index calculations where employees that had a sickness length that extended more than a hundred days, the Bradford index was failing to generate. Changes have been made to allow this extended period.

Customer Resolutions

It was reported some absences when booked through amend clockings screen did not show up in the absence planner. This was found to be a problem after previous absences had been deleted and then re-added. Additional processing checks have been added to resolve the issue.

The absence ‘Notes’ were not appearing on the exception report as expected, the column was found to be missing and has now been added.

SSM Version


A couple of faults were found and have been fixed in the timesheets option:

  • Printing Timesheets – When selecting the print option from the Timesheet, the preview screen showed ‘About Blank’ as the header, this has now been removed.
  • ‘IN’ clocking - Creating only an IN clocking would not show that clocking on the Timesheet until the following day, changes have been made to resolve the issue.

An issue was found when trying to add Tablets. The device name was unable to use ‘Special Characters’ in the name, despite this being an option in the MCVS module. Special characters have now been added to the device name string.

The Refresh button was found to not be working when an Authoriser tried to refresh the Task list. The message 'Error: Failed to queue for Approval' was displayed and has now been resolved.

A couple of issues have been found and fixed with the MCVS Tablets:

  • The SSM was found to crash out at certain times when the tablet details screen was being updated. Changes have been made to avoid exceptions when saving and loading tablets.
  • The SSM Tablet page was sometimes displayed as loading always, this issue found to be linked to the Printer loading options.
  • Attached printers were causing a problem when trying to save a tablet, this was linked to the paper sizes and has now been resolved.

A number of small issues have been fixed with the Turnover widget which include:

  • Percentage Decimal place has now been limited to 2 decimal places.
  • The “Turnover Percentage” has now had a space added.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported when trying to show 30+ employees on the supervisory absence calendar. If it took longer than 30 seconds to load then it failed and did not load anything. The timeout was set to 30 seconds but has now been removed from the database to resolve the issue.

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