Tensor SSVM App Version 3.0.37 Brings New Updates

Tensor constantly strives to develop new and improved features capable of delivering a superior level of functionality for our core software products. This also applies to the most recent Tensor SSVM software release, version 3.0.37, which provides several fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.


1. A problem has been fixed on the question screens where the screen was scrollable. A scrollable screen was
not necessary when the full question was displayed within the normal boundaries of the display screen.

2. Checking In: Two ‘Confirm Check IN’ prompts were found to appear when checking in a contractor that had
no questionnaire assigned.

3. Check IN/OUT forms – An issue was found with the multiple-choice questions. Users were able to select any
number of answers even though a maximum threshold had been implemented in the SSM forms, this has now
been resolved, so the restrictions apply correctly.

4. The ‘Visiting Employee’ category was found to not display the site induction when creating an Ad Hoc
appointment. The correct checks have now been re-aligned, so the induction form now displays correctly.

5. An issue was found when checking in with a QR code when arriving late for a pre-planned appointment. The
The app gave a ‘Visitor not found’ error. Changes have been made so that QR codes don’t expire until after the
appointment has expired.

6. The options available when checking in with a QR code were found to be different from checking in manually.
These options have now been aligned, so the options are the same after checking in with either option.

For more information please contact us: at helpdesk@tensor.co.uk

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