anpr software

ANPR Software scalability

A. Brand, class and colour recognition

Cutting edge vehicle identification technology

  • Vehicle Brand, Class and Colour recognition algorithms run inside the camera’s processing unit
  • Licence plate, Brand, Colour and Class detection create the so-called vehicle “fingerprint” in a single report
  • All the information provided by a single source
  • No extra cost for external software, processing server and integration time

B. Double OCR

Accuracy – Accuracy – Accuracy

  • The smart camera can simultaneously run two different OCRs on-board
  • Real-time licence plate identification conducted by two separate software streams
  • A sophisticated algorithm matches the two results and selects the correct one
  • Validated licence plate data output directly from the camera

C. Auto-trigger 2.0

No vehicle lost

  • The embedded auto trigger improves the camera detection rate
  • The image analysis algorithm detects vehicles traveling at up to 250 km/h without any external trigger
  • The software is capable of providing images of every vehicle it detects, even of those without licence plates

D. Speed estimation

Speed estimation via. image analysis

  • Embedded proprietary algorithm is able to provide a vehicle’s estimated speed (error +-5%) using only image analysis
  • The software provides a reliable speed estimation without using any external devices

E. HD video from context camera

Video surveillance at a glance

  • Tensor Smart 2 HD can use its increased processor capability to provide video streaming directly from the context camera
  • Video is RTSP and ONVIF compliant
  • Camera can stream video 24/7 without interfering with the number plate recognition process


  • A single camera for two different applications (ANPR + CCTV)
  • Important savings on installation and maintenance
  • Reduced urban architectural impact (using a single camera instead of two)

F. Easy install aspp

Quick and easy camera configuration

Proprietary App for a quick and easy installation, the essential time-saving tool for any installer

anpr software

Main features:

  • Discovering available cameras via Wi-fi, 3G/ 4G
  • Connecting to a camera via SSID (Service Set Identifier) / Hidden SSID
  • Taking screenshots of the video feeds sent by the ANPR camera
  • Updating / Clearing the camera’s public network keys remotely
  • Sending emails directly to technical support
  • Creating Hotspot connections
  • Supporting Web view
  • Scanning QR Codes

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

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