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Tensor plc, the UK based, award winning market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of security, access control, attendance monitoring and energy management/monitoring systems is proud to announce the successful integration of the latest-generation Suprema BioEntry P2/W2 (Tensor T3464 Series) Compact Biometric Fingerprint Readers into the Tensor.NET Security and Workforce Management software platform.

The integration allows Tensor.NET users to open doors, clock IN and OUT for time and attendance monitoring, or ON and OFF site for fire roll call reporting purposes.

The Suprema BioEntry P2/W2 scanners are compact fingerprint access control devices featuring next generation biometric technology. BioEntry P2/W2 provide class-leading performance and security by featuring Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled with powerful 1.0GHz / 1.2Ghz CPUs. Packed in a mullion-type sleek design, BioEntry P2/W2 also provide added flexibility in system design by featuring multi card reading with dual-frequency RFID card technology.

Suprema scanners enhance Tensor.NET by verifying a person’s identity biometrically, before either clocking them IN/OUT for work or granting them access to secure areas.  The P2 model is for indoor use only whereas its counterpart W2 is available for external use. W2 scanners are normally used to so that biometric verification can be used to grant entry to an external door.

Using the BioEntry P2/W2 Scanners

When employees present their finger on the BioEntry P2/W2 unit, the unit will either grant or deny access and then transmit the result to the T8698 Wiegand board, which is then transmitted to the T8526 controller unit. Employees can use BioEntry scanner units to Clock IN or OUT or/and book ON or OFF fire roll call, if they have been successfully authenticated.

The BioEntry scanner has an LED strip located at the top of the device, the LED will illuminate to indicate an action has been performed. The scanner will flash between light blue/dark blue in its idle state. When a Finger or a Card is presented it will either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ the scan. These actions are indicated with both an audible sound and a change in the LED Colour.

Correct finger placement will be displayed by a Green LED and an audible Chime. A denied transaction or incorrect placement will be shown as Red LED with 3 beeps.

When using a Card, the correct placement is near the top half of the unit as shown. Granted access will be displayed by a Green LED and an audible Chime. A denied transaction or incorrect placement will be shown as Red LED with 3 beeps.

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