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As part of our efforts to help customers enjoy a superior level of functionality for our core software products, Tensor is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Tensor.NET software, Version, which provides several new features and enhancements, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.

New Features & Enhancements

1. A new pop up box has been added to the employee entitlement section.

When opening the employee entitlement screen, the ‘Override’ tick box is already ‘Ticked’ as the system assumes you are going to make a change. If you now untick this box, a new pop up will ask the user if they want to remove the override for the year selected and will delete the override if yes is selected.

2. The standard Clockcard Report has been enhanced to include two new grouping options.

A ‘Year’ and ‘Month’ grouping is now available which will group and split data over selected months. Data is now displayed spanning corresponding months when selected via the date range.

3. Fire Alarm Input with FaceStation2

This version now supports the implementation of Fire Alarm inputs with the Face Station2. Modifications have been made so that a standalone Suprema FaceStation2 can now be directly linked to a fire alarm system. Once connected and the Fire Alarm has been activated, the TDS service now generates a 90550 transaction to show the Fire Alarm has been triggered. Configured Fire Roll Call Auto-Reports will then be generated.


1. A problem was found within the MCVS application where notifications emails were storing in the notifications table but the service monitor does not show them as being picked up and emailed to the recipient. This fault has now been resolved.

2. A problem was reported on previous versions that the top row of clockings on amend clockings is not showing colours correctly (i.e. red for auto clock out). If you click off that row then the colour is shown correctly. This has now been resolved.

3. Face Station devices have now been added to the ‘Available Devices’ list on all access control Reports. Previously, Face Station transactions could not be reported upon when running Hardware or Access control reports, this has now been resolved.

Customer Resolutions

1. An requested enhancement has been made to the Auto-Reports feature. The new feature allows users to now configure auto-reports to run for the next 6 months. This is particularly useful for running future absence reports for future dates.

The new feature can be viewed by choosing the parameter option as shown below.

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