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Tensor has recently concluded our first visit to meet our newest international distributor, PVA Group in Hanoi, Vietnam.

PVA Group are a market leader in Vietnam in the fields of consultancy, technical equipment & device supply with an emphasis on supplying to law enforcement. Having been established for over 10 years and with a wealth of knowledge & experience, PVA Group perfectly complements Tensor with its very similar corporate philosophies and ideas regarding the growth of technology in policing.

The visit culminated in a 3½ hour seminar & product demonstration to more than 30 senior delegates from the Republic of Vietnam National Police. This was a very impressive attendance at the time, given the stress on police resources from the then imminent arrival of President Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Tensor’s Chief Executive, Ashley Smith, introduced a range of Tensor’s products, including an in-depth demonstration of Tensor’s cutting-edge facial recognition system. Particular interest was shown in Tensor’s portable range of facial recognition and Digital Crime Laboratory (DCL) systems, which continue to be the only such products available on a truly portable platform anywhere in the world. This was followed by a 45-minute question and answers session which provided great insight into the potential applications and requirements that Tensor could fulfil.

There are also immense opportunities for several other Tensor product lines including Access Control, which is a growing market area in Vietnam as the county continues to modernise.

Tensor’s Chief Executive, Ashley Smith said “Since Tensor’s visit to Vietnam during late 2018, we have been looking forward to returning here swiftly. Not only is the food and hospitality second to none (including some amazing coffees!), but the opportunities in the country are immense, with Tensor’s cutting-edge products having great scope and the ability to fulfil major requirements.

“Tensor anticipates returning to Vietnam in the near future to further strengthen our relationship with PVA Group. They are a great team of people, who are incredibly welcoming and are experts in their industry sectors. The delegates from the Republic of Vietnam National Police showed great understanding of the technologies presented and Tensor hopes to progress to project impementations during 2019.”

Tensor is continuing to expand its distribution and system integrator network across Asia. The region plays a major role within Tensor’s rapid international expansion plans and we are always keen to discuss security, time and energy management requirements with key decision makers across this rapidly growing market.

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