Introducing the new Tensor.NET Version 4.4.0.x: FaceStation 2 Integration, COVID-19 Pandemic Modifications, Numerous Functionality Enhancements

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Tensor is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Tensor.NET software, Version 4.4.0.x., which provides several new features and enhancements, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.

Tensor.NET Version 4.4.0.x – New Features and Enhancements

1. FaceStation2 integration – this version of Tensor.NET supports the integration of Suprema’s FaceStation2 Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Clocking Terminal. Employees can enrol their facial characteristics for identification purposes at face stations. Using these devices, employees can clock IN and OUT for time and attendance, or ON and OFF site, for fire roll call reporting purposes.

2. Turnover report – this report provides a departmental breakdown of the average number of employees and the percentage of staff turnover during a selected report period.

3. Hardware manager – to assist trouble shooting hardware related problems a new summary report is provided in the system’s hardware manager. A summary of all equipment can be generated for any part of the hardware structure and then emailed to the Tensor helpdesk or any other recipient.

4. Edition functionality – this version contains a number of changes to the functionality provided by different editions:

  • the Shift Planning report is removed from the Start edition.
  • the Door Actions feature has been added to the Scanner Group’s edit screen in the Lite edition.
  • the Shift Assignment and Roster/Shift Swapping features are now provided in the Lite edition as well.

5. Default images – a new default image is provided for employees with no employee photo and companies without a company logo.

6. Shift assignment – the shift assignment feature contains a new option to show target, worked to date and balance remaining for employees using the annualised hours method of payment.

7. COVID-19 Pandemic Modifications – Restricted access – a new “Lock employee on Use” setting is now provided for each absence code. When any employee is booked absent for a reason with this setting ticked, their access is immediately denied. Employees will be denied access until their employee record is manually unlocked via Employees > Access Settings.

8. Employee importer – the CSV file containing employee details to be imported can now be delimited by comma, tab or pipe (|) symbol. The delimiter is selectable in the employee importer app.

9. Visitor passes – in this version, MCVS users can assign default visitor pass templates to individual sites instead of using the global template set up in User Options.

10. Signature – a couple of changes related to signatures have been made in this version: employee and visitor signatures, captured and saved as image files can now be imported using the new signature option on the employee’s and visitor’s edit forms. Captured or imported signatures can be printed on badges as dynamic image objects.

11. Absence summary – the custom report version of the absence planner summary report now has the ability to show employee entitlements by selecting the associated absence category in the design wizard.

12. Payroll export – the payroll export configuration now includes the DD-MMM-YYYY date format for exporting to CoreHR.

13. About box – extra connection details of the authentication service host, database server and database name have been added to the Help > About box from this version onwards.

14. Employee importer – the External Interface service compatible with 4.4.0.x has been enhanced to allow extra information about an employee’s marital status, ethnic origin, car registration and personal email address to be imported. Functionality is also provided to allow overrides to a person’s holiday entitlement to be imported.

15. Authentication Service – the connection details input box now accepts authentication service host names as well as IP addresses.

16. Absence reporting – a new, Only Show Last Absence setting has been added to the absence custom report type. When this setting is ticked only the last occurrence of the report’s selected absence codes will be reported upon.

17. Handling legacy controllers – in order to support legacy and current T8539 controller board circuitry, a new drop down list control has been added at the site and controller levels in Tensor.NET. These controls allow the date format version supported by the installed controllers, to be set.

Tensor.NET Version 4.4.0.x – Fixes

1. Absence planner – the delete facility, missing when right clicking on a day cell in the absence planner calendar grid, has been reinstated.

2. Scanner modes – this version corrects the handling of multiple door locks being assigned to the same scanner in the hardware manager. All locks now correctly inherit the mode times set at the host scanner level. For clarity the scanner’s lock properties tab is no longer shown for scanners with multiple locks. The individual lock’s property screen must be used instead.

3. Email addresses – in previous versions an _ was not allowed to precede or follow the @ symbol in an email address in the office email field. This limitation is corrected in this version.

4. Contractor appointments – the name of the setting in User Options that allows contractor appointments to be automatically created when a contractor checks in with a valid barcoded pass has been changed from “Auto Record Creation” to “Auto Contractor Appointment Creation” for greater clarity.

Tensor.NET Version 4.4.0.x – Customer Resolutions

1. Absence planner – the length of the absence codes displayed on the day cells in the absence planners in Tensor.NET can be customised in this version. A new Absence Code Display Characters setting has been added to User Options > Environmental > Screen Defaults / Behaviour > Absence Planner. The user may configure the planner to show two (the default) or three characters.

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality delivered by the Tensor.NET suite, just Contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll provide an answer to any and all questions you might have.

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